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The description of SRPG - Pocket Lord EX A popular simulation RPG Pocket Lord that you can play free of charge,I have newly powered up as Pocket Lord EX and came back!It is an RPG (role playing game) that can be played with a simple operation in a little idle time.You can enjoy offline after the first start.· Over 100 quests· Customize skills and equipment, nurture your own units· Ranking function for each quest· Online user match in real-time# Pocket Lord EX View of the WorldIn the small world in the pocket the princess will be deprived of monsters.A small war in your pocket, adventuring with your fellows who summoned.# What is Simulation RPG (SRPG / SLG)It is a relatively tactical / strategic role-playing game, which moves battle by moving the unit arranged in the mesh-shaped map in order.# How to play the game· Let's proceed quests anyway· Let's summon the unit with the summons tickets and gems you got· Do not forget to organize the unit into a party· Learn skills by increasing unit level· Let's equip the unit with items you got with reward· Let's strengthen the equipment using the lithographs you got with rewards· Let's raise the unit's ability by achieving achievement· Let's foster a unit full of personality only for yourself# Challenge with the unit that boastedWhy do not you try aiming at ranking top in quests?# User battleIt is rare in the SRPG of the smartphone,You can play against other users in real-time online!After the matchup, you earn rewards and units grow beyond the limits.* There is a possibility that it will take time to match etc. when the number of players is small■ Checklist when you can no longer clear the quest· Have you raised the level of a unit with a high rank?· Do you use skills in battle?· Do you learn skills in units?· Have you changed the combination of main unit, sub unit, and party?· Have you checked the enemy's moving distance and attack range in advance?· Do you fight with favorable attributes?· Do you use skills that support recovery and reinforcement during quests?· Is the unit summoned?· Is your eyes resting?* It is the real pleasure of SRPG to judge the status and arrangement of enemy units, make strategies and tactics, and make a battle.# Recommended for· Easy to enjoy simulation game (SLG)· I like to master strategy / tactics· I like fantasy· I like RPG· I like the brain training system· I want to play long and free· I want to play against users with SRPG· I like the dot retro atmosphereIt is easy to operate and goes crisp and well, so when you want to do SRPG in a little idle timePocket Lord EX (Pocket Lord EX) is the best role playing game (RPG).A fantasy world view with human beings, monsters, dragons, devils, gods, swords and magic, anything.Full-grade Strategy & Tactics Thank you for Pocket Lord EX in the free game.
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Update on : 2018-12-31

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